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Urban Design

Using techniques of traditional neighborhood design, Swift & Associates are skilled in the establishment of pedestrian oriented mixed use communities. Our efforts are additionally focused on reworking outdated and inefficient zoning ordinances so that allowances are made for more appropriate design considerations based on a New Urbanist ethos.

Our projects range in context from rural to urban settings and incorporate uses that encourage economic development or redevelopment for town centers. Existing natural features of the site are preserved by integrating them into the fabric of the evolving urban setting. The efficiencies of combining our planning and engineering expertise offer our clients a cost effective and aesthetically pleasing product. We believe that the large scale success of any project is greatly reliant on attention to the fine grain detail.

Civil Engineering

Swift & Associates is versant with all aspects of Civil Engineering that include water, waste water, drainage, streets/highways, grading and water resources. Development projects have ranged in size from one acre to one square mile. The diversity of the design elements inherent in land development extend into the critically important financial realms. We excel in providing viable solutions to difficult problems that may be encountered.

Traffic Engineering

In addition to traffic impact analysis and parking demand studies, Swift and Associates have the skills to design sustainable traffic and pedestrian facilities, traffic calming devices and roundabouts. our traffic studies include state-of-the art analytical techniques evaluating internal trip capture for mixed use environments. Streets are designed with respect to the surrounding urban fabric and encourage traditional patterns of development. The company also offers analysis of traffic congestion and recommendations for its mitigation through Transportation Demand Management methods. As an adjunct to traffic engineering, we have developed a method for Fire Access plans that address the needs of walkable environments, narrow streets and multi-storey buildings. We also model large fire apparatus for turning movements, "red zones" for ladder truck setup and "clear zones" for intersection turning.


River Morphology

Coupled with specialized experience and technical competence Swift & Associates has developed a creative and flexible design standard that is geared to accommodate the most demanding river corridor project. Evaluation of a river environment requires a spectrum of engineering skills including 2D modeling and an understanding river dynamics.



Flood Plain Engineering

Swift & Associates has many years of experience in all of the aspects of Water Engineering. We offer particular expertise in Site Drainage, Flood Studies, Irrigation and Fluvial Systems.



Code Writing

The Company has been the prime contractor for code writing for mixed use traditional neighborhood developments (TND). The projects range from retrofit codes for existing infill to historic preservationist codes. We have also consulted on revisions to the Smart Code (see




Mr. Swift has designed many residential, mixed use and civic buildings primarily in the Middle East with Douglas Duany. The approach is geared toward sensitivity of local customs, behavior and regional building types. An analysis of historic types is requisite for appropriate design.



Project Management

We have been involved in various aspects of pro forma and marketing plan development, negotiations for development agreements and contract management.

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